Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Killer

Nikil is a Taxi driver at Dubai. That day was unfortunately a bad day for him. The killer who was on a hunting spree landed in his taxi. Nikil never was aware that a Killer was traveling in his car.

But when he did come to know that 'The Killer' was traveling in his car and his job is just killing it was too late.

Nikil's pass time dream was to become a great don like Jabbar. Jabbar's criminal life was to end by his arrest on the evidence of 5 people who were against him. Now Jabbar was desparate to eliminate these five people in order to save himself. For this reason he hires a Killer from India.

Nikil never thought that he will one day have to come face to face with this Jabbar and that too when Jabbar's activities were closely being watched by the Dubai police. It was like entering into a lions den.



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