Friday, November 26, 2010


Directed by : Madhur Bhandarkar

Parag Manohar Dixit's room mate Keshav was indulging in drug and narcotics business. He had tacitly been using Parag Dixit's belongings and mobile phone. With these evidences in hand the police easily corner Parag Dixit. Parag Dixit was a brilliant youth who being a leader of his team brought in huge profits to his company. The company shares in the market touched high. Seeing his brilliance the company promotes him as a manager. Parag was just about to take his newly handed manager post in his company when he is arrested. His bail pleas are rejected. The life of Jail now opens before him.

The Lower court takes rather a long hearing and finally due to the inept lawyer he is convicted. Parag Dixit is now a totally changed and emotionally upset person. His upset over his conviction changes him so much that now he is prepared to do anything. He already sees two convicts escaping Jail rather easily so he puts his wish for escape to the Dada in the Jail. Arrangement then is made for his escape from the Jail.

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